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LED Light Bulb - E27-12W


This Patientopian LED Light is for high-output indoor gardening projects, including those for fruits and vegetables. It contains a 3-band targeted spectrum of particle wavelength (460nm, 630nm, 660nm) which promotes ideal photosynthesis with optimal heat dissipation!


  •  Includes a polished aluminum shell: The ribbed design keeps the unit cool and highly efficient in luminosity; this light operates easily for 24+ hours without overheating.
  • Fits a standard E27 Socket, which is easy to install with any desk lamp.  No special lamp-base necessary.
  •  Energy Saving: Compared with traditional lamps, our lights save ~70% - ~80% electricity & help to promote environmental protection by doing so.
  • Long Life: Each of our lights has passed an 3 hour aging test & should provide a long service life around 30,000 hours.


Package Includes1 LED Grow Light & 1 User Manual

Type LED Light

Aluminum & Plastic

Quantity 1 pcs
Item Color Green
LED Quantity 12 LEDs (Red: 9; Blue: 3)
Input Voltage AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz
LED Color Red & Blue
LED Wavelength Red: 3pcs 660nm, 6pcs 620-630nm
Blue: 460nm
Base Type E27
Power 12W
Waterproof IP44
Beam Angle 120°
Environment Temp. Max 50
Environment Humidity 65%
Lifespan Around 30,000 Hours
Approved CE & RoHS
Size 12.2*12.2*13.8cm / 4.8*4.8*5.4"
Net Weight 0.29kg / 10.2oz