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10" AFM Glass Drain Recycler Reversal Inline Dab Rig

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Introducing the 10" AFM Glass Drain Recycler Reversal Inline Dab Rig – where innovation meets exhilaration in the world of dabbing! This sleek and stylish rig is not just a piece of glass; it's a journey into the next level of your smoking experience.

🌀 **Revolutionary Recycler Design:** Say goodbye to the ordinary and dive into the extraordinary! The recycler feature ensures a smooth and continuous flow, recycling the goodness of your concentrates for an unmatched hit every time.

🌈 **Mesmerizing Reversal Artwork:** Feast your eyes on the mesmerizing reversal artwork that adorns this dab rig. Each piece is a unique masterpiece, making your smoking sessions not just an experience but an art show of its own.

🔥 **Inline Precision:** Experience precision like never before with the inline design. This rig is crafted to perfection, ensuring that every hit is a testament to the artistry and engineering that goes into creating this dabbing masterpiece.

🌪️ **10 Inches of Bliss:** Compact yet powerful, this 10" wonder is the perfect balance of portability and performance. Take it with you wherever the adventure leads, and savor the flavor wherever you go.

🚀 **High-Quality Glass:** Crafted from premium materials, this dab rig is as sturdy as it is beautiful. The high-quality glass ensures durability, making it a reliable companion for all your dabbing escapades.

💨 **Clouds on Demand:** Elevate your clouds to the next level. Whether you're a seasoned dab enthusiast or a curious beginner, this rig promises clouds so thick, you'll be on cloud nine in no time.

Upgrade your dab game with the 10" AFM Glass Drain Recycler Reversal Inline Dab Rig – because your smoking experience should be as unique and exceptional as you are!


  • Stemless joint
  • Drain recycler 
  • A flared mouthpiece
  • Direct inject joint size: 14mm Female
  • Perc:  Inline Perc 
  • color base & mouthpiece
  • Bowl Included
  • Height from base to mouthpiece: 10.5" 
  • Height from base to top of rig joint: 4.5"
  • Actual Measurements May Vary 
Color: Ink Blue