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12" AFM "Through The Looking Glass" Clear Recycler - Dab Rig

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Step into a world where every puff takes you on a whimsical journey through clouds of pure delight! Introducing the 12" AFM "Through The Looking Glass" Clear Recycler - Dab Rig, your passport to the Wonderland of high times.

Crafted with precision and care, this mesmerizing piece is like a portal to a land where the Mad Hatter himself would feel right at home. With its clear design, it's as if Alice's looking glass has been transformed into a magical dab rig, ready to transport you to new heights of euphoria.

Watch in awe as your favorite concentrates swirl and dance through the intricate pathways of this recycler, like the curious creatures of Wonderland frolicking in a kaleidoscope of color and flavor. Every hit is an adventure, every exhale a sigh of pure satisfaction.

Whether you're a seasoned dabber or just beginning your journey down the rabbit hole, the 12" AFM "Through The Looking Glass" Clear Recycler - Dab Rig promises an experience unlike any other. So grab your trusty Cheshire Cat grin and prepare to get lost in the smoke-filled wonderland of Patientopia's smoke shop!


  • Stemless joint
  • drain recycler 
  • double drain recycler 
  • flared mouthpiece
  • Direct inject joint size: 14mm Female
  • Perc:  slitted puck perc 
  • Full color piece 
  • Bowl Included
  • Height from base to mouthpiece: 12" 
  • Height from base to top of rig joint: 6"
  • Actual Measurements May Vary 
    Color: Ink Blue