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18 Inch Bong w/ Showerhead + Chandelier Perc; A Boo Beast!

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New Addition! 18 Inch Straight Bong w/ Showerhead + Chandelier Percs

This 18" double-chambered pipe features both a showerhead and chandelier perc. But it doesn't stop there!  It also comes with an ice pinch. 

First, your smoke travels down the 90* downstem into the first chamber and is filtered through the showerhead before flowing up through the chandelier perc into the second chamber.  If you choose to use the ice pinch accessory you are also able to further filter the smoke at the neck of the pipe before inhaling. 

Whether you are a casual smoker or an OG of the game, this piece allows for the most filtration of your smoke as well as a stylish design.

Bong Details:

  • 18 inch bong
  • Features showerhead & chandelier percs
  • Includes ice pinch
  • 5mm thick glass
  • Includes 18mm male bowl
  • Available in 4 colors

Color: Pink