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3mm X 20mm AFM Thick Bottom Quartz Banger

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 🌬️ **Behold the Dabber's Delight: 3mm X 20mm AFM Thick Bottom Quartz Banger!** 

Are you ready to elevate your dabbing experience to the next level? Say hello to our sizzling-hot, ultra-chic 3mm X 20mm AFM Thick Bottom Quartz Banger—a game-changer in the world of smoke shop sophistication!

🔥 **Dazzling Dabbing Dynamics:** Crafted with precision and passion, this quartz banger boasts a thick 3mm wall that can handle the heat like a champ. Its 20mm diameter provides the perfect canvas for your concentrates to sizzle, delivering an explosion of flavor with each hit.

🌈 **A Fusion of Form and Function:** Not only is this bad boy a powerhouse of performance, but it's also a feast for the eyes. The crystal-clear quartz showcases your concentrates in all their glory, making every dab session a visual spectacle. The thick bottom ensures optimal heat retention, allowing you to savor the terpene symphony to its fullest.

💪 **Built Tough, Hits Smooth:** Say goodbye to the days of fragile dabbing accessories. Our AFM Thick Bottom Quartz Banger is built tough to withstand the rigors of your daily dab rituals. The sturdy construction ensures longevity, so you can enjoy countless sessions of silky-smooth, terpene-infused clouds.

🚀 **Universal Compatibility:** Whether you're a seasoned dab veteran or a curious novice, this quartz banger fits like a glove with most rigs, making it the perfect addition to any collection. It's a versatile piece that promises an out-of-this-world dabbing experience for all!

🎉 **Join the Quartz Revolution:** Elevate your dab game, make a statement, and turn heads with the 3mm X 20mm AFM Thick Bottom Quartz Banger. It's not just a smoking accessory; it's a lifestyle upgrade, a conversation starter, and a testament to your commitment to the art of dabbing.

👉 **Grab yours now and let the clouds of joy roll in!** 🌬️💨


  • 3mm Thick
  • 5mm Thick bottom 
  • Flat top Design
  • 100% Pure Quartz
  • 20MM Bucket
  • Domeless Nail
  • Polished Joint
  • Available in a Variety of Sizes
  • Male / Female
  • AFM logo sandblasted on the bottom of the banger