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3mm X 25mm AFM Full Weld Bell Bottom Quartz Banger

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Step up your smoking game with the 3mm X 25mm AFM Full Weld Bell Bottom Quartz Banger – the Ferrari of dabbing accessories! This bad boy is not just a quartz banger; it's a game-changer, a show-stopper, and a flavor-enhancer all rolled into one.

Crafted with precision and love, this banger boasts a robust 3mm thickness, ensuring durability that can handle even the most epic of dab sessions. The 25mm diameter provides ample room for your concentrates to dance around, delivering a symphony of flavors that will have your taste buds doing the salsa.

But wait, there's more! The full weld design adds a touch of elegance and eliminates those pesky nooks and crannies where residue likes to hide. Cleaning up has never been this easy – just a quick wipe, and you're ready for your next adventure.

Now, let's talk about that bell-bottom flair. This banger doesn't just make a statement; it screams it! The bell-bottom shape not only looks groovy but also ensures your concentrates get the attention they deserve, spreading out like a psychedelic dream.

So, whether you're a seasoned dab enthusiast or a rookie ready to dive into the world of concentrates, the 3mm X 25mm AFM Full Weld Bell Bottom Quartz Banger is your ticket to a smoother, tastier, and downright cooler smoking experience. Upgrade your setup and turn every session into a celebration of flavor and fun!


  • 3mm Thick
  • Flat top BLOW bottom
  • 100% Pure Quartz
  • 25MM Bucket
  • Domeless Nail
  • Polished Joint
  • Available 10M, 10M/45, 14M, 14M/45
  • Male joint currently available 
  • AFM logo sandblasted on bottom of the banger