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4" Color Downstem 18mm fit to 14mm OG

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Step into the vibrant world of smoke sophistication with the MAV 4" Color Downstem - the ultimate upgrade for your smoking experience! Crafted with precision and style in mind, this downstem is a dazzling fusion of form and function.

Measuring at a perfect 4 inches, the MAV Color Downstem is designed to elevate your smoke game. Its 18mm fit effortlessly slides into your favorite water pipe, while the 14mm OG end guarantees a snug connection with your cherished bowl. It's not just an accessory; it's a statement piece!

But what really sets this downstem apart? The burst of color! Choose from an array of hues that match your personality or mix and match for a psychedelic kaleidoscope effect. Each downstem is a mini masterpiece, turning your smoke sesh into a visual delight.

Say goodbye to boring, and hello to the MAV 4" Color Downstem - where functionality meets fun in a cloud of excitement. Elevate your smoke shop experience with this essential accessory that's as unique as you are!


  • 4" measured from the end of the unground joint to the tip of the stem *Industry Standard (normally for 18" beakers) 
  • The outer diameter is 19mm (18/19) inner diameter is 14mm
  • Ungrounded joint (smooth finish )
  • Bowl is not included
Color: Seafoam