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4 Piece Grinder

Original price $13.50 - Original price $26.40
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$13.50 - $26.40
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Croc Crusher Grinders put the power of a Croc bite in the palm of your hand! With a wide variety of grinder sizes and colors to choose from. Each killer Croc Crusher features a mouth full of sharp diamond-shaped teeth carved entirely from airplane grade anodized aluminum.

Four-piece grinders are a necessary tool for any smoker's collection, not only providing you with the ability to easily shred your herbs but also featuring additional chambers that sift and store kief crystals for storing the potent powder for future use. The top grinding chamber of these Croc Crusher grinders is held together with a mighty magnet in the center with an easy to clean Teflon ring that creates a smooth plain to grind. The lower chambers thread together with a couple of spins and catch the ground greens that fall from above, sift kief with the help of a micro screen, and store it below in the base chamber. Rather than ripping and tearing your herbs apart as an actual Crocodile would Croc Crusher grinders leave your flowers in a fine and fluffy state perfect for rolling or packing them however you like.

Croc Crusher grinders come in a variety of sizes and colors just like the king of lizards they're named after, ensuring there is one suitable for any of your grinding needs!

Color: Silver