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5" AFM Green Alien UFO Perc Glass Ash Catcher

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👽 Unleash intergalactic vibes with our 5" AFM Green Alien UFO Perc Glass Ash Catcher – the extraterrestrial upgrade your smoking experience deserves! 🛸

Prepare for lift-off as you attach this otherworldly ash catcher to your favorite water pipe. Crafted with precision and a touch of cosmic creativity, this piece features a green alien UFO perc that not only filters out unwanted debris but also takes your smoke on a journey through the cosmos.

Picture this: you take a hit, and as the smoke swirls through the green UFO perc, it's like your clouds are on a mission to explore uncharted galaxies. The intricate design not only enhances the filtration process but also gives you a front-row seat to an alien invasion of flavor.

The 5-inch size makes it the perfect companion for both seasoned stargazers and those new to the smoking universe. The compact design ensures that your setup remains sleek while adding a touch of extraterrestrial charm.

Made from high-quality glass, this ash catcher is as durable as it is captivating. The green tint adds an aura of mystery, making it look like you've just stumbled upon an alien artifact in Area 51.

Upgrade your smoking escapades and let the 5" AFM Green Alien UFO Perc Glass Ash Catcher elevate your sessions to new heights – or should we say, new galaxies! 👾✨


  • Perc: UFO
  • Joint angle: 90º\45º angle
  • Ground joint: 14mm\18mm male
  • Slide joint: 14mm\18mm female
  • Complete height: 4"