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7 Hole Glass Screen Bowl

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$31.99 - $31.99
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Welcome to Patientopia, where we take your smoking experience to new heights! Introducing our latest addition to the lineup: the 7 Hole Glass Screen Bowl!

Are you tired of constantly dealing with clogged pipes and uneven burns? Say goodbye to those pesky problems because this bowl is here to save the day! Crafted with precision, our 7 Hole Glass Screen Bowl ensures a smooth and consistent smoking session every time.

With seven strategically placed holes, this bowl guarantees optimal airflow, allowing you to savor every puff without any hassle. Whether you're enjoying a solo smoke sesh or passing it around with friends, this bowl delivers pure satisfaction with each hit.

But that's not all! Made from high-quality glass, our bowl not only enhances the flavor of your herbs but also adds a touch of elegance to your smoking setup. It's not just a bowl; it's a statement piece!

So why settle for ordinary when you can elevate your smoking game with the 7 Hole Glass Screen Bowl from Patientopia? Come grab yours today and experience the difference for yourself!


  • Available in 14mm only (18mm clear only)
  • 7 hole bowl opening
  • Clear glass 
Color: Clear