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9" Raked Zig Zag Bubble Beaker

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Color: Teal

Z shaped bongs, or "Zongs", have been adorning the coffee tables of smokers for generations. Aside from being undeniably fun to look at, the Z shaped curved in each zong are practically designed to serve multiple utilitarian functions. First, the bends act as an ice catcher, so you can cool your bong smoke to the perfecture temperature before inhlaing. This delivers a smoother, less harsh experience. Additionally, the zongs curvature helps to prevent splashback, keeping the bong water out of your mouth.

This miniature Z shaped bong is 9" tall and features 2 zig zags, but they are available in both smaller and larger sizes with more or less zig zags. To add a bit of additional flair, this bong features a raked glass design through out the base, and colored accents on the mouthpiece. 

Included with each purchase is a 3.5" multi slit diffused downstem, as well a matching raked glass colored bowl.