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AFM Dot Turbo Glass Spinner Carb Cap + 2 Pearls

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Welcome to the psychedelic realm of Patientopia Smoke Shop, where every puff leads to a journey beyond the ordinary! Behold the AFM Dot Turbo Glass Spinner Carb Cap + 2 Pearls, a mystical fusion of innovation and artistry that's bound to elevate your smoking experience to celestial heights.

Picture this: you take a hit, and as you exhale, the mesmerizing whirl of colors dances before your eyes, swirling and twirling like a cosmic ballet. With its turbo-charged design, this glass spinner carb cap spins effortlessly, ensuring optimal airflow and distribution for the smoothest, most flavorful draws imaginable.

But wait, there's more! This mystical marvel comes adorned with not one, but two enchanting pearls, each one a tiny universe of its own, ready to enhance the magic of your smoke session. As you heat your favorite concentrates, watch in awe as these pearls glide and dance, spreading the heat evenly for maximum vaporization and flavor.

Crafted with precision and infused with a touch of whimsy, the AFM Dot Turbo Glass Spinner Carb Cap + 2 Pearls isn't just a smoking accessory—it's a portal to a dimension where clouds of euphoria and creativity reign supreme. So step into our smoke shop and embark on a journey unlike any other. Your next adventure awaits!


  • Colored Glass 
  • Comes with 2 glass pearls
  • Fits 25mm bucket bangers
  • Spinner Functionality
  • 6 hole airflow
  • Air Flow Cap
  • Actual Colors May Vary
Color: Turquoise