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Boost EVO Suga Sean Special Edition

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Knockout Artist Colab

Welcome to the Suga' Show. Dr. Dabber has teamed up with UFC Bantamweight contender and pro-cannabis homie "Suga" Sean O'Malley to create a Special Edition Boost EVO that packs the same punch you'd expect from this E-rig with a little more flash and style like its fighter counterpart.

Handcrafted and intricately designed in every detail, The Dr. Dabber Boost EVO incorporates exclusive technology to deliver precisely what all concentrate smokers are after the perfect dab.

Never has the time and effort been put into an E-Rig or any dab rig for that matter to deliver this outcome with every single hit, calibrated meticulously through the heat up to heat cut off of the atomizer, while giving the user accurate and complete control of temperature. The Dr.Dabber team has developed a patented built-in temperature control sensor not seen in other E-Rigs using their customer feedback.

Six temperature settings give the user pinpoint temperature controls for the growing variety of concentrate materials available today. Many other devices feature one, three, or four temperature options at best, and in some cases, cannot even identify what these temperatures are! The guessing game is solved by The Boost EVO utilizing a more comprehensive temperature range between 500 and 750 degrees Fahrenheit indicated with an equally varied ambient lighting system that uses the standard Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) lighting to expand the color wheel.

The EVO also boasts a long battery life with auto-shutoff for preservation, lightning-fast USB-C charge time, and pass-through technology that makes the EVO usable even while charging. The Boost EVO never leaves you without the ability to enjoy the perfect dab!

The Boost EVO's advanced E-Rig technology does not end with the ergonomic battery; Dr. Dabber's customer-friendly improvements have carried over to the EVO atomizer as well. The EVO atomizer snaps conveniently into place using a magnetic connection; gone are the days of struggling to create a connection with a threaded screw-in design and attempting to spin out a caked-up atomizer. The inner dish uses a pure quartz heating element. Pair this feature with the borosilicate glass pathway of the EVO glass bubbler attachment, and users are sure to experience the most flavorful and clean dab of their lives. One might even call it perfect!