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Cactus Steamroller w/ Flower Millis

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Just like a cactus can save you in the middle of the desert with its water source, this hand pipe can save you from another boring smoking experience. The Cactus Steamroller with Flower Millis has great details all over its body and features. Small spines run up and down the front of the five inch length of the body. Do not fret; these spines are simply raised glass bumps instead of the real pointy spikes. No one wants to buy a pipe with its own self-defense system. The themed glass bumps can actually help with grip as well. These bumps go from the mouthpiece to the front facing carb hole closer to the bowl. The bowl is located on the top of the pipe. The front carb hole controls the airflow entering the pipe while you inhale, which changes the rate at which your dry herbs are burned. Not many people know but it is possible for cacti to grow flowers. There are four glass millis representing flowers on the steamroller. The Cactus Steamroller w/ Flower Millis has the artistic additions above the bowl and on each arm of the pipe. The two arms extend outward and up on each side of the hand pipe. Inside each glass marble is colored glass that makes them look like real flowers. Where each of the flower millis are placed, it gives the steamroller an adorable human-like face, with the bowl being his mouth. Who said cacti could not be beautiful? Whether you have a cactus collection in your house, are in love with the southwest, or just think this little guy is simply too adorable to not pick up, the Cactus Steamroller w/ Flower Millis is ready to save you. And this kind of quality is certainly not a mirage.