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Coconut Palm Tree Neon Night Light

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Welcome to Patientopia's Smoke Shop, where every puff is an adventure and every piece is a work of art!

Step into our tropical oasis and behold the mesmerizing Coconut Palm Tree Neon Night Light! Picture yourself lounging on a sandy beach, sipping on a fruity cocktail, with the gentle rustle of palm leaves in the background. Now, imagine that vibe captured in a neon glow, right in the comfort of your own space.

Crafted with care and attention to detail, this neon masterpiece brings a slice of paradise to your smoking den. Whether you're igniting your favorite herb or simply soaking in the chill vibes, the Coconut Palm Tree Neon Night Light sets the perfect ambiance for your smoke sesh.

Let its vibrant hues transport you to a place where worries melt away and relaxation reigns supreme. Hang it on your wall, prop it on your table, or let it stand tall as the centerpiece of your collection—wherever it resides, it's sure to spark conversation and admiration.

So, why settle for ordinary when you can elevate your smoke experience with a touch of tropical flair? Embrace the laid-back spirit of Patientopia and let the Coconut Palm Tree Neon Night Light illuminate your journey to higher heights!


  • 1、SAFE POWER SUPPLY: The light doesn’t need wiring, cables or cords required, but only need 3 x AA batteries. It means that our product has more safe and stable power supply. So it can be used in children's bedroom or nurseries.
  • 2、EASY TO USE: This light is designed with stable and removable base. Because of its convenience, you can put it on the mantle, shelf, table and dresser as a night light. And you also can place this colorful light on the wall as a holiday decoration.
  • 3、HEALTHY ABS PLASTIC: Our marquee Light uses odorless and strong ABS plastic. It is non-toxic, durable, endure over heat and short circuitry, which makes it be an ideal lighting design even for nurseries or kid’s room.
  • 4、SOFT BRIGHTNESS: Lighting up this lamp, it will emit a very soft and warm light. So it will not hurt your and your baby’s precious eyes. It can light up room and offers a warm light ambiance to your room without bring any discomfort.
  • 5、OFFER GIFT BOX: We provide carton packaging and you can decorate our product with exquisite wrapping paper or ribbons. It’s a perfect gift for kids or ladies in Christmas, New Year, Birthday, Party, Performance, Special Occasions, Etc.

☆ Hang-able & Unique Shape: The shape design of the cactus can bring you the breath of plants. It can be used as everyday home decor in bedroom or as an attractive decoration for party, wedding and holiday, Etc.

☆ Portable & Versatile: This light has hanging hook holes at back for putting it on the wall or resting it on the mantle.It is easy to move.

☆ Energy-Saving & Economic: Designed with battery operated, it’s safe and convenient with ON and OFF switch .Our light produces less heat after long-time use.

☆ Great effect:The appearance is beautiful, the lighting effect is three-dimensional, and the light has the nightlight function. Under the lights have a mirror effect.

☆ The effect is great:The appearance is beautiful, the lighting effect is three-dimensional, and the light has the nightlight function.

SIZE: Coconut Palm: 29*18.5*10 cm