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Concentrate Dab Vapor Straw - Solid Quartz

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Dab straws are a simple version of a nectar collector and make for an excellent portable option. The 100% pure quartz concentrate vapor straw is the simplest method for vaporizing a variety of concentrates. Quartz is the purest material for dabs due to its incredible durability, heat resilience, and toughness! Compact and convenient. Just heat the tip and dab away! 

  • 5" long - 7/16 dia - 
  • solid quartz Simple dab straw

How To Use A Dab Straw

We recommend using it in combination with a torch and dab dish. Pull a small amount of concentrate to the edge of your dab dish, then heat the tip of the quartz straw, and lightly tap its edge at the 30-45 degree angle to the concentrate in the corner of your dab dish. Inhale like you're sipping from a straw.