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Fumed Mushroom Milli Spoon Pipe

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The Fumed Mushroom Milli Spoon Pipe has different color mouthpieces to choose from including black, blue, and orange! The color you choose comes in a fritted style and ends at the opening of the mouthpiece. Every one of these hand pipes has fumed glass tubing throughout. The more you smoke a glass pipe with fumed coloring, the more the color changes (CCG)! This is great because when most other pipes just look dirty, the Fumed Mushroom Milli Spoon Pipe looks unique.

The fumed glass tubing goes from one end of the spoon pipe to the other, encompassing the deep bowl. For a smaller pipe, this bowl has plenty of room for huge packs. No more having to repack every time someone takes a hit! There is a side carb hole located to the left of the deep bowl. This hole controls the airflow while you are inhaling. Also considering its size, the Fumed Mushroom Milli Spoon Pipe is made with thick glass.

The main attraction, is the mushroom milli located on the front of the hand pipe. Although the color of the mushroom milli varies, its beauty certainly does not. The way the pipe is blown, the glass milli has an almost 3-D effect when looking at it head on. With such an amazing, artisitic feature, the Fumed Mushroom Milli Spoon Pipe is perfect for laid back smoke sessions, while still impressing your friends!


  • DankStop Hand Pipe
  • Fumed Glass
  • Colored Glass
  • Thick Glass
  • Deep Bowl