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GENESIS Storage Stash Box

Original price $99.90 - Original price $109.90
Original price
$99.90 - $109.90
Current price $109.90

Genesis's large bamboo storage box is made of premium eco-friendly, sustainable bamboo for a smooth and elegant look and finish. This storage box will blend with your home décor and complement your space.

Accessorized to the max with a metal packing stick, cleaning brush, mini scissors, silicone strip to mount your phone, spices grinder brush, three glass jars, and our best spices grinder. You’ll have everything you need to store your stash and roll the perfect one every single time.

Genesis comes with:

  • Metal packing stick
  • Cleaning brush
  • Mini scissors
  • Silicone strip
  • Herb grinder cleaning brush
  • Set of 3 airtight jars
  • GA 2.5" Grinder

The strong hinges ensure easy opening and closing, and the wooden tray slides smoothly for ease of use and to prevent spillage. Additionally, there is a special slot in the tray to accommodate your cell phone or tablet.

The Genesis is an Ideal Gift Idea and Home for Your Kit – This sturdy yet beautiful bamboo stash box set is perfect as a gift idea as this stash box is unique and packs a lot of value.


Color: Blue