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Glassic Bell Dab Rig Banger Hanger

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How cute is this amorphous mini bong? Like a squishy sea sponge, "The Blob" Marble Accented Mini Rig may be appealing to the senses, but it can also pack a punch! In this case it would be flavorful clouds of smoke from your favorite herbs and concentrates instead of poison-secreting glands.

Crafted from quality borosilicate glass in California, the marble on the bong's backside and mouthpiece both feature matching colored accents giving a creative look to an already creative bong!

The 14mm polished female joint holds a 4mm thick angled top quartz banger nail, or a 14mm male bowl for dry meds, both of which are included. Water and smoke flow through the chamber together with the help of a naturally aspirated fixed downstem perc that sits in the base of the pipe with a spilling over appearance lending itself to the bong being well grounded and capable of holding a bit more water. The bent neck acts as a splashguard preventing you from getting wet while smoking out of your new favorite mini bong!

This piece from DankStop is hand blown, and stands around 6.5" in height.


  • Joint Size: 14mm Female
  • DankStop Dab Rig
Color: Sapphire