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My Bud Vase® Joint Clip & Poker

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Beyond The Vase

Everyone should have a My Bud Vase - Joint Clip & Poker because we could all use a visually striking smoking tool in our lives. Whether you are rolling your own or clearing a bowl, this poker and roach clip combo is a classy, invaluable addition to your stash box!

Elegant and sassy, the My Bud Vase - Joint Clip & Poker are two different tools with one great mission- one love. The poker is 8.5,” and the poker with clip is 9” long. They come in either rose gold or gold, and each is sold separately.


The Perfect Pair

These upscale smoking accessories go well with a My Bud Vase bong or any rolled weed, which can use a clip at the end of the roach. 

Art is an investment, but the Love Bud vase gives a lot of value to the green. Protect it with a bong pad and get other premium smoke accessories for a premium, personalized smoke sesh!