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Packwraps x Twisted Hemp Wraps 2pk with Glass Tip - Gushing Grape

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Packwoods is known for producing incredible pre-roll cannabis blunts in California, and have partnered with Twisted Hemp to create these natural hemp leaf wraps for smokers everywhere. These have the real, authentic feel of a regular tobacco leaf wrap, but without any of the harmful effects of tobacco. Each package is a mini kit that makes rolling up these larger wraps up a simple process. Break the flower down by hand so it’s a chunky grind, finer grinds are harder to work with and may fall right out while assembling. Pack the bud into the glass tube, align the glass filter on the wrap, and lay the filled glass tube on top of the wrap, touching the filter. Start rolling and seal the blunt shut. Press the inner part of the blunt roller tool against the end of the blunt on a flat surface, and slowly pull the glass tube out of the wrap.

  • PACKWRAPS | Packwoods and Twisted Hemp partnered to create a tobacco-free woods leaf wrap made of the highest quality hemp. Each wrap is custom cut to perfectly fit the Packwoods glass filter.
  • NATURALS | Packwraps use strain specific terpene-infused flavoring to mimic customers’ favorite tobacco tastes. The Naturals flavor has a classic tobacco taste.
  • KIT | Each package of Packwoods is a full kit that makes rolling up these uniquely shaped wraps easier. One pouch includes 2 wraps, a reusable glass filter tip, the Pro Packer XL (patent pending), a blister package rolling tray, and the outside of the pouch can also be used as a tray.
  • TOBACCO-FREE | The Packwraps were designed to mimic the same experience that real tobacco leaf wraps provide. These hemp wraps have the same burn, smell, and taste.