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Polished Banger Nail with Opaque Cup Insert

Love thermal banger nails but wish they were easier to clean? With the Polished Banger Nail with Opaque Cup Insert from LavaTech, you can get all the advantages of a thermal banger nail while being able to take it apart! The cup insert acts as the inner wall like what you would find in a thermal banger nail. The insert slides in and out easily for easy access. Now you won't have to to try and finagle your pipe cleaner or Q-Tip into those hard to reach crevasses between the walls. The cup insert also has a thick white base to help keep heat in and for added protection from fractures. The Polished Banger Nail with Opaque Cup Insert comes in your choice of joint size, angle, and gender so you can find one that is a perfect fit for your dab rig.