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"ReCoCo Burn" Cocoblade Hookah Coals - 48 pcs.

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Introducing the ReCoCo Burn Cocoblade Hookah Coals - 48 pcs. Where the magic of hookah meets the blazing charisma of coconut! Get ready to elevate your hookah experience with these 48 pieces of pure fiery delight.

🔥 **Flame-On Fusion:** Immerse yourself in the perfect union of smooth coconut flavor and sizzling hookah clouds. These cocoblade coals are here to turn your hookah sessions into a tropical paradise of flavor and smoke.

🌴 **Island Vibes, Anywhere:** Transform any space into your own hookah haven with these portable and easy-to-use cocoblade coals. Wherever you are, let the ReCoCo Burn transport you to a beachside lounge under the palm trees.

💨 **Cloud 9 Performance:** Expect nothing but top-notch performance as these coals burn evenly and efficiently, ensuring a consistent and satisfying smoke session every time. Revel in the billowing clouds that rival the allure of a volcanic eruption (minus the lava, of course).

👌 **Smooth Operator:** Experience the smoothness of coconut with every inhale. The ReCoCo Burn Cocoblade Coals are crafted to perfection, promising a clean and pure taste that complements your favorite shisha flavors effortlessly.

🔒 **Lock & Load:** Each pack comes with 48 pieces of cocoblade goodness, making sure you're well-equipped for countless hookah adventures. Keep the coals stashed and ready to ignite for whenever the mood strikes.

Get ready to ignite the fire and infuse your hookah sessions with a touch of tropical paradise. The ReCoCo Burn Cocoblade Hookah Coals are not just coals; they're an experience waiting to unfold. Embrace the burn, indulge in the flavor, and let the clouds carry you away! 🌬️✨


  • 48 coals per box!
  • Coconut shell shape allows for multiple coals to fit comfortably inside your bowl.
  • Shisha quality coal.