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RöK Beaker Base


Rök on E-Rig

The certified Pulsar Rok Beaker Base replacement part keeps your favorite e-rig rocking. This Pulsar replacement part features a great design to perfectly match your RoK, premium materials, and great performance.

This RoK beaker base is made of durable borosilicate glass, incredibly strong, won't interfere with flavor, and holds beautiful color. This 2.84" L x 2.84" W x 2.47" base is used with a Pulsar Cerc Perc or Cyclone Downstem only.


Induction Heat, Easy Use

This great glass base comes in various colors, including translucent ‘slime’ neon green, gray, yellow, green, blue, and clear. Borosilicate holds color permanently, so the hues will never fade. Scientific glass is also shatter-resistant.

The Pulsar Rok Beaker Base replacement makes sure this powerful e-rig stays ready to rip. To make sure you are ready for the best sesh yet, check out other great dab accessories to customize your next Apollo 2 dab sesh.