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RöK Replacement Carb Caps


Between a RöK and a Carb Cap

This certified Pulsar Rok Carb Cap replacement part is the perfect capper for your favorite e-rig. As a genuine Pulsar RoK part, its design perfectly matches the RöK with its premium materials, great form, and sweet color selections.

This RoK 29mm directional airflow carb cap is made of durable borosilicate. It is solid glass that won't interfere with flavor and holds a beautiful color. You can get this carb cap in clear, blue, gray, green, and yellow.


RöK Star Accessories

The great thing about glass replacement parts is their durability. The scientific glass was made to withstand extreme temperatures making it perfect for dabs. Being inert, borosilicate is perfect for low temp dabs, too, as it won’t interfere with terp flavor. Glass is gear-friendly.

The Pulsar Rok Carb Cap replacement part keeps this powerful e-rig ready to rip and capture all the zip. To make sure you are ready for the best sesh yet, check out other great dab accessories to customize your next sesh.


Dry Herb RöK Cap

Dry herb in a rig means a Pulsar Rok Dry Herb Carb Cap replacement part can help you get the most from that fine flower. This carb cap for dry herb captures the perfect heat to roast bowls evenly because of its premium materials and awesome design.

These 32mm RoK dry herb carb caps are made of durable borosilicate. This is incredibly tough glass that not only resists high temperatures but also enhances the flavor. Used with the coil-less atomizer, you can trap that heat inside until all the weed is roasted, not burnt.