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RöK Replacement Silicone Collar


RöK Silicone Parts

Keeping a Pulsar Rok Silicone Collar replacement part on hand is critical because this little piece makes everything come together. It’s the seal at the coil opening that creates an airtight stream of dabs or dry herb.

This tough rubber collar for the RöK is made of durable food-grade silicone for strength and long life. Silicone can withstand temperatures from -100º to 550º without degrading in strength. It also creates airtight seals, which is perfect for an e-rig coil collar.


RöK and Roll Accessories

This Pulsar certified replacement part is durable, affordable, and made for its airtight qualities! This little piece is critical for premium rips. The collar is also easy to maintain with a simple wipe as needed. There are (2) two to a part order.

The Pulsar Rok Silicone Collar replacement part keeps this e-rig ripping right. To customize your next sesh, check out Dankstop’s other great dab accessories to personalize your gear and maximize your buzz!