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Sacred Elements Juniper + White Sage Purifying Smudge Incense Sticks

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Sacred Elements Juniper + White Sage Purifying Smudge Incense Sticks
  • Fragrance: Juniper + White Sage
  • Brand: Sacred Elements
  • Packaging: Box contains 12 packs, Each pack is 15 grams
  • Traditionally White Sage is said to cleanse all negative energies thus allowing families, people to make a fresh, new positive, start. Juniper has traditionally been respected for its therapeutic benefits like anti-bronchial and pain relief. Due to these benefits, this powerful combination is popularly called the healing duo.  Sage cleansing is the quickest way to clear out negative energy from both objects and surroundings.
  • Juniper berries are popular in good luck charms, while the leaves are often used for smudging. Juniper is best used for blessing a new venture or dwelling, and inviting in abundance. It is also used for cleansing during spiritual rituals. Native Americans used Juniper incense to greet guests and to support peyote ceremony
  • Juniper trees grow throughout the world, but the western variety is found along the Rock Mountains from Mexico to Canada
  • Juniper and White Sage balance each other perfectly! They are pre-eminently herbs to cleanse your home from a gloomy atmosphere. After your own smudging ritual, the atmosphere in your home will feel more pleasant.
  • The aroma of White Sage is said to be herbaceous, bright, and cleansing. Its scent is thought to be powerful, without being overwhelming. White Sage has a versatile aroma which pairs well with many other fragrances like Juniper.
  • White Sage is believed to clear out spiritual impurities and pathogens
  • White Sage and Juniper incense are perfect Incense fragrance for the cleansing ritual. The floral aroma helps deal with anxiety or stress and induces relaxation.