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Slugger Dabbin Dugout

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Color: Green and Black

Now here we have a truly innovative design from the team at Ooze. The Slugger Dabbin Dugout is the perfect travel companion for you and a variety of your favorite concentrates. The Slugger is a full silicone dugout with multiple silicone chambers for storing your concentrates, a fitted glass dish, and all the tools you'll need to enjoy a sip of concentrate smoke anywhere you like. The side chamber of the Dabbin Dugout features four divided storage compartments letting you travel with a variety of wax materials at once. Not only do you have a selection of your wax materials to choose from, but also how you consume them with quartz glass or titanium straw tips available at all times! When your session is over, pack the Slugger party up and close all the protective silicone lids, just like that we're ready to move! When the Dabbin Dugout gets dirty you can expect the platinum cured silicone to be easy to clean, even dishwasher safe.