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Smell Proof Stash Bag - Lockable, Smell Proof Case

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Weedget's Smell Proof Stash Bags are the ultimate way to discreetly store and transport your cannabis products. Featuring a secure and built-in combination lock, this 6.5"x 9.5" case is designed to be smell proof and water repellent. The  PU leather is active carbon lined for an extra layer of protection against odors. 

With multiple compartments for organizing all of your Weedgets products and goods, this smell proof joint case is perfect for odorless travel and secure stash storage. Whether you are bringing your supplies with you on vacation or just keeping your goods safe at home, this locking stash bag is the ultimate way to ensure your items are kept both secure and odorless.


  • Smell Proof - Active carbon lined PU Leather
  • Secure - Built-in combination lock
  • Safe - Water repellent
  • Discreet - Perfect for travel or on the go
  • Spacious - 6.5"x 9.5" case