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"Spritz" Champagne Glass LA Pipes Disco Beaker

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Step into the world of luxury and style with the "Spritz" Champagne Glass LA Pipes Disco Beaker! This dazzling piece isn't just a smoke accessory; it's a statement, a celebration of sophistication in every puff.

Crafted by the masters at LA Pipes, this Disco Beaker is more than just a smoking device—it's a work of art. Imagine yourself in the heart of a glamorous celebration, where the bubbles of your favorite champagne meet the smoothness of your preferred herbs. The Spritz Champagne Glass design elevates your smoking experience to a whole new level of elegance.

The iridescent hues of the Disco Beaker are reminiscent of a star-studded night on the town. With every inhale, you'll feel like you're sipping on the finest champagne, surrounded by the pulsating energy of a disco dance floor.

The beaker's sturdy construction ensures durability without compromising on style. The ergonomic design makes it easy to handle, and the wide base adds stability to your smoking sessions. It's not just a pipe; it's a glamorous companion for your smoking adventures.

Whether you're a connoisseur or a social smoker, the "Spritz" Champagne Glass LA Pipes Disco Beaker is the epitome of sophistication in the world of smoke accessories. Elevate your smoking ritual and make every session a sparkling celebration with this luxurious piece. Cheers to style, elegance, and unforgettable moments!

We're only making 300 of these and will never make them again. So get your hands on these amazing multi-purpose water pipes before they're gone

Each piece is handmade then adorned with hand-applied permanent decals in a variety of colors.


  • 8" tall
  • 38mm diameter tubing
  • Comes with Banger 2mm/4mm 20mm dia., 14mm male banger with polished joint
  • Comes with 14mm male funnel bowl
  • Comes with titanium iridescent dabber with silicone covers
  • Comes with low-profile 18mm/14mm diffused down-stem