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UFO Induction Heater

Original price $115.00 - Original price $120.00
Original price
$115.00 - $120.00
Current price $115.00

The UFO Induction Heater is a super portable induction heater made for DynaVap users who do not want to break the bank on their first induction heater. The UFO will allow you to put down your torch for a while and provide powerful, consistent heating on the go.

Simply place the DynaVap in the glass tube and the UFO will activate automatically and heat up your VapCap in less than 7 seconds. (no pressing necessary). The UFO charges in about 1.5 hours or less and provides you with 30-45 clicks on average. It also includes two super powerful magnets that will firmly hold your DynaVap in place.


The UFO includes three different glass tubes that will permit you to fine tune your heater to fit your personal heat preferences. Two of the tubes are almost identical and only differ in thickness.

The thinner tube will heat more aggressively and the thicker tube will make the VapCap to heat more slowly, creating tastier and thicker clouds.

The third glass tube differs from the others because it has no bottom. It is open in the bottom and the VapCap will rest on top of the included silicone discs. This will allow you to inset and remove discs to control the depth of the VapCap. This will give you different results.

Explore different combinations and find which one is right for you. It is recommended that once you find your perfect setting, you stick to that setting and swap the glass tubes the least possible to extend the life of your heater.


  • Induction heater
  • USB charger + cable
  • Replacement glass cylinders
  • For DynaVap users
  • Super portable (75mm x 47mm)
  • Intelligent activation
  • Customizable heating
  • 5-7 second heat up
  • 1000 mAh battery
  • USB C fast charging
  • 30-50 click average
  • 1 yr manufacturer warranty
Color: Black