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Vibes Cones King Size - 3pk - Rice

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  • The kingsize slim cones measure roughly 110mm in length. This is a versatile size; ideal for passing around a circle with a few friends, or a solo session for a heavy smoker. It all depends on the vibe! King slim papers can hold up to about 1g of flower. Vibes Tips are an essential part of the perfect Vibes joint. Save time by packing a pre-rolled cone instead of rolling up. An expertly-rolled joint from a cone ensures that the burn is slow and even. A filter tip also catches any debris from sticking to your lips or being inhaled. Each cone-shaped box includes 3 king size slim Vibes Cones. 
  • ORGANIC HEMP | The Vibes Organic Hemp king slim cones are made with 100% organic hemp fibers that provide next-level flavor. The hemp is expertly crafted for a slow and even burn.
  • VIBES TIPS | Vibes Tips are an essential part of a Vibes joint. The pre-rolls have been expertly rolled with the tip to create the perfect cone shape while catching any debris from sticking to your lips or being inhaled.
  • KING SIZE SLIM | Pre-rolled cones fit for a king! The Kingsize Vibes cone measures about 110mm in length and can hold roughly 1g of flower. This size is great for passing around the circle with a few friends.
  • SLOW BURN | Nothing kills the vibe like a joint that burns way too fast and canoes. Vibes organic hemp papers burn super slow and evenly, ensuring good vibes from start to finish.