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Party With the Funky Pineapple Bong

Party With the Funky Pineapple Bong

It does not matter if you partake occasionally at a party or are a dedicated user. Smokers know that the way they get their favorite fumes matters almost as much as the strain they smoke. Patientopia is full of a huge selection of bongs, bubblers, rigs, and pipes that suit any taste. If you want something truly funky that brings to mind tropical vacations, delicious frosty drinks, and hospitality, you cannot beat a pineapple.


Why You Need a Non-Boring Bong


If you are going to indulge in a smoke at a party, a friend's house on a lazy afternoon, or in the comfort of your own home, why make do with a simple rolled joint or the same boring pipe you started with years ago. The highest quality glass bongs double as decor, and Patientopia has a wide selection to choose from. Also check out the animal-shaped water pipes and the distinctly clever bud vases.


Unique pot smoking accessories show off your personal sense of style and love in your home or wherever you take it. They also inject the sense of fun into your everyday or special occasion habit.


Chilling In the Tropics – Why a Pineapple?


If you are going to indulge, go all the way into tropical beach, piña colada world every time you pick up this funky pineapple bong to light up and get loose. Maybe you just like the vibrant yellow and green colors or are a big fan of this sweet and tasty fruit. Perhaps you want to take a mind trip to the beautiful beach every time you relax with a smoke after a hard day's work.


You do not have to read too far into the funky pineapple bong to enjoy its unique shape and feel. Maybe you just love fruit and brightly colored glass. However, a pineapple itself stands for a long list of different things that may make buying this, the right choice for you. Throughout the centuries, pineapples meant hospitality and welcome. If you want to share your smoke, passing the pineapple is a great way to demonstrate that.


The funky pineapple bong is made from uniquely sculpted glass in the perfect size to hold and share. Has a 14mm bowl, 14mm joint, and fixed down stem for ultimate smoke cooling and filtering. The whole thing is just under eight inches tall and comes in multiple colors including all green, all yellow, and pink. This bong not only looks great but delivers a smooth experience to everyone who indulges.


This fun option creates a whole mood when it comes to smoking your favorites! You should not purchase a bong just for its looks, however. In the end, this funky pineapple is a tool for occasional enjoyment or your lifestyle choice. Whether you welcome others to share with you or keep the water pipe to yourself, you can enjoy with your own sense of style!