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3" AFM Double Color Dry Glass Ash-Catcher

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🌈 Elevate Your Smoking Experience with the 3" AFM Double Color Dry Glass Ash-Catcher! 🌬️

Are you tired of dealing with ash mess and looking to add a splash of color to your smoking routine? Say hello to the 3" AFM Double Color Dry Glass Ash-Catcher – your trusty sidekick in the pursuit of a cleaner, cooler smoke!

🌪️ **Smoke's Worst Nightmare:**
Bid farewell to ash-induced chaos! This little wonder acts as a guardian angel for your favorite smoking apparatus. It effortlessly traps unwanted debris, leaving you with a smooth, clean pull every time.

🌈 **Double Color Delight:**
Why settle for boring when you can have a burst of color? Our ash-catcher features a mesmerizing double color design that not only catches ash but catches eyes too! Choose from a variety of vibrant combinations to match your unique style.

💨 **Cooler Hits, Hotter Vibes:**
The 3" AFM Ash-Catcher doesn't just stop at cleanliness; it's a game-changer for temperature control too. Experience cooler hits as this accessory works its magic, turning each drag into a refreshing journey through flavor town.

🕵️ **Stealth Mode Activated:**
Worried about drawing too much attention? Fret not! The compact 3" size of our AFM Ash-Catcher allows for discreet smoking sessions. Slide it on, enjoy your smoke, and let this inconspicuous hero do its job without stealing the spotlight.

🚀 **Easy-Peasy Cleaning:**
Maintaining your gear shouldn't be a hassle. The AFM Ash-Catcher's detachable design ensures a breeze when it comes to cleaning. Pop it off, rinse it out, and you're ready for round two!

🎉 **Party-Ready Packaging:**
Delivered in a funky, eco-friendly package, your new AFM Ash-Catcher is not just a product; it's a party in a box! Unwrap the excitement and get ready to upgrade your smoking game.

Say goodbye to ash disasters and hello to the vibrant world of the 3" AFM Double Color Dry Glass Ash-Catcher – where function meets fun in every puff! Grab yours now and let the good times roll! 🌬️💨


  • 3" tall
  • Double Colored colored glass
  • 14mm / 18mm option
  • 45 degree / 90 degree option
  • AFM colored logo
  • Can be used with or without water!!
  • Actual Colors May Vary
Color: Forest Green