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3D Bee Line and Lighter Caddy

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🐝 Meet the Bee-tastic Combo: 3D Bee Line and Lighter Caddy! 🌈

Dive into the hive of good vibes with our buzzworthy duo – the 3D Bee Line and Lighter Caddy! Transform your smoking experience into a hive of joy and convenience with these two hive-minded companions.

🔥 **3D Bee Line: The Sweetest Burn!** 🔥

Wrap your favorite herbs in a cocoon of pure, unadulterated goodness with our 3D Bee Line. This all-natural hemp wick is the bee's knees, providing a smooth and even burn that won't leave you buzzing with regret. Say goodbye to butane aftertaste and hello to the natural sweetness of beeswax-infused excellence. Roll up, light up, and let the 3D Bee Line take your smoking sessions to new heights – it's the nectar of the gods!

🧡 **Lighter Caddy: Keep the Flame Alive!** 🧡

Meet your new smoking sidekick – the Lighter Caddy! This little bee-shaped charmer is here to make sure your lighter never gets lost in the depths of your pocket or disappears into the couch cushions. Slip your trusty lighter into the snug embrace of the Caddy, and you'll always have it within wingspan when you need it most. No more frantic searches – just grab, ignite, and soar into relaxation with ease.

🌟 **Why Choose the 3D Bee Line and Lighter Caddy Combo?** 🌟

✨ Stylishly Functional: Elevate your smoking setup with the quirky charm of buzzing bees!
✨ Eco-Friendly: Both products are crafted with the environment in mind, because happy bees mean a happy planet.
✨ Perfect Gift: Surprise your fellow smokers with a gift that's as unique and vibrant as they are.

🚀 Embrace the hive mentality and make your smoke sessions a hive of happiness with the 3D Bee Line and Lighter Caddy. Get yours now and let the good vibes roll! 🚀


  • 3D Printed Holder
  • Clipper Lighter 
  • Bees Wax Hemp Wick 

*** colors of this bundle parts will vary!