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60 Goji Berry Rolling Papers by CaliGreenGold | 109mm

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Welcome to Patientopia, where every puff is an adventure! Introducing the 60 Goji Berry Rolling Papers by CaliGreenGold, your ticket to a fruity fiesta with every smoke session.

Picture this: you're lounging in your favorite spot, ready to roll up some good vibes. Enter these 109mm papers, adorned with the tantalizing essence of goji berries. As you twist and tuck, the aroma of ripe, juicy berries fills the air, setting the stage for a truly flavorful experience.

Crafted with care by CaliGreenGold, these papers are more than just a means to an end—they're a statement. Each roll is a testament to quality, ensuring a smooth burn and even distribution of your chosen herbs.

So why settle for ordinary when you can elevate your smoke game with the exotic allure of goji berries? Whether you're igniting solo or sharing with friends, let Patientopia be your guide to a smoke session unlike any other. Grab a pack of 60 Goji Berry Rolling Papers today and let the good times roll!

The Goji Berry Super Fruit, has been consumed by enthusiasts for thousands of years. Goji berry fruit pulp is used to create these vivid, beautifully iridescent cones. Naturally slow burning, with a slight and pleasant sweetness, reminiscent of summer days strolling through Lhasa, the capital. Celebrate the good life with CaliGreenGold Goji Berry Cones!


  • 60 Goji Berry Cones - Naturally Iridescent Orange Cones
  • CaliGreenGold Bamboo Packing Tool
  • 2-Way Humidity Exchange Pack
  • Protective Tube
  • Cork Cap & Tamper Seal

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*This product does not contain any herbs*
*Color Vibrancy may differ from images due to seasonality & genetic variation since we only use real rose petals!