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7" Hourglass Base Water Pipe - Milky Purple

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Make all your hits smooth as silk, with this 7”/17.8cm water pipe. Made from handblown, borosilicate glass its able to withstand extreme temperature changes. The fixed downstem on this bent neck piece is re-enforced for extra stability and removes the need for a removeable one. Enjoy flower or concentrates by switching between the included 14mm glass-on-glass bowl and quartz banger. The bowl’s handle stops it from rolling when placed down and the banger is a must-have accessory for dabbing. Inside the chamber you’ll find a showerhead percolator, ready to break up the smoke and make your draw smooth. The awesome exterior donut percolators are super fun to watch smoke pass through and help to cool the smoke even further! This clear piece gets jazzed up a bit with colorful accents on the base, percolator, mouthpiece and bowl handle.