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AFM Turbo Reversal Glass Spinner Carb Cap + 2 Pearls

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Welcome to Patientopia, where we take your smoking experience to turbocharged levels of fun and innovation! Meet our latest addition to the family: the AFM Turbo Reversal Glass Spinner Carb Cap + 2 Pearls – a true gem for your smoking adventures!

Imagine your favorite smoke swirling and dancing like a mesmerizing tornado within your piece. That's the magic of the AFM Turbo Reversal Glass Spinner Carb Cap! With its sleek design and turbocharged functionality, this little marvel ensures that every hit is an experience to remember.

But wait, there's more! With not just one, but two pearls included, you're in for an extra dose of delight. These pearls work in harmony with the carb cap, spinning and twirling your smoke into a symphony of flavor and smoothness. It's like having your own personal smoke maestro orchestrating every puff!

Whether you're a seasoned smoker or just starting your journey, the AFM Turbo Reversal Glass Spinner Carb Cap + 2 Pearls is your ticket to a smoking experience like no other. So why settle for ordinary when you can elevate your smoke sessions to extraordinary? Grab yours today and get ready to spin into a world of pure smoking bliss at Patientopia!


  • Reversal Glass
  • Comes with 2 glass pearls
  • Fits 25mm bucket bangers
  • Spinner Functionality
  • 6 hole airflow
  • Air Flow Cap
  • Actual Colors May Vary
Color: Rainbow