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BoroBuddy Cleaning Pads 20ct

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Welcome to Patientopia, where we make sure your smoking experience is as smooth and clean as possible! Introducing our latest addition to the stash, the BoroBuddy Cleaning Pads 20ct – your ultimate sidekick for keeping your beloved glassware sparkling!

Picture this: you're chilling with your favorite pipe or bong, enjoying some quality time with your herbs, when suddenly, it hits you – the dreaded buildup! Fear not, for BoroBuddy Cleaning Pads are here to save the day!

These little marvels are like tiny cleaning ninjas, swiftly tackling resin and grime with ease. With a gentle touch, they leave your glassware looking brand-spanking-new, without any scratches or residue. Each pad is packed with cleaning power, ensuring that every puff is as fresh and flavorful as the first.

Forget the hassle of messy cleaners or harsh chemicals – BoroBuddy Cleaning Pads are eco-friendly and safe to use, leaving no trace behind except for gleaming glass and satisfied smiles. Plus, with 20 pads in each pack, you'll have plenty to keep your collection sparkling for sessions to come.

So, why settle for anything less than crystal-clear perfection? Upgrade your smoking game with BoroBuddy Cleaning Pads – because every toke deserves to be top-notch! Get yours now and say goodbye to grimy glass forever!


  • The strongest fibers meant for lifting resin, water, wine, tobacco stains off of your glass. We take glass safety seriously.
  • Safe for your piece. Tested on all glass. Seriously.
  • Take control of your glass.
  • 20 in each pack (10 of each size)