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Freeze Pipe Vape Pen

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Travel-ready sleek vape pen with top-tier ergonomics, airflow, and battery life. Discreet and compact, it's practically invisible in pockets and can be fully hidden with a closed fist. The high-class metallic silver finish and noticeable weight make it addictive to hold and show off. And because it's an aesthetically modified Vessel Compass you can bank on elite air-flow and simple controls from a vape pen industry leader.

✅ Simple Controls

One-button controls everything

🍯 Works With Most 510 Vape Cartridges

Fits 0.5 gram and full gram carts

✊ Fits In Your Palm

Hold this in your hand and no one can see it. Doesn't protrude in pockets, no matter how skinny your jeans are

🔥 4 Heat Temperatures

Go for flavor or giant clouds, our vape pen is ready

⌚ Long Lasting Battery Life

Go days, if not weeks, without charging depending on usage



  • Includes vape pen, carrying case, charging cable (USB-C port)

  • 3-LEDs Indicate Battery Life

  • 4 Different Heat Settings

  • 550 Mah Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery

  • Protected Drop-In Design

    Cartridges stay safe as most of it is protected by the vape pen

  • Sturdy, Compact Frame

    Mix of strong plastic and metal protect against drops

  • Inserting The Cartridge

    1 or 2 twists is all that's needed, be gentle you don't have to turn until it won't rotate anymore