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Fumed Bubble Chillum

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Usually, fumed glass is enough to set a pipe apart from others. This hand pipe takes it to another level with some intricate glassblowing though!

The Fumed Bubble Chillum has fumed glass tubing from end to end & inside the glass are green bubbles. These bubbles will change colors along with the fumed glass! 

The residue builds up inside the chillum and causes new colors to form. Holding the Fumed Bubble Chillum in certain lights will also cause an effect. Test the Fumed Bubble Chillum in various settings to experience all of its beauty.

For a chillum, this pipe is made of pretty thick glass. Between the glass thickness and the flat mouthpiece (which keeps it from rolling), the Fumed Bubble Chillum can be your go-to piece for sessions to come!


  • DankStop Hand Pipe
  • Colored Glass
  • Fumed Glass
  • Thick Glass