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"Little Hybrid" Dab Nail - with Silicone Carb Cap

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Hit it, hit it good! The "Little Hybrid" Dab Nail - with Silicone Carb Cap comes in multiple sizes to fit your rig and is sure to give you a proper dab. Comes with a carb cap, dabber tool & Silicone Jar to boot, of course!


• Material: Titanium

• Joints: 10mm, 14.4mm & 18.8mm 

• The Titanium Advantage: Titanium is well understood by people for its low density, high strength and excellent corrosion resistance!

• High Strength: Twice of iron, 6 times as strong as aluminum.

• High Purity: 90% Titanium

• Bio-compatible (No harm to human body).

• Low Thermal Expansion

• Low Thermal Conduction

• Includes:
-10mm & 14mm & 18mm Adjustable Dome-less GR2 Titanium Nail x 1pc

-18mm Titanium Nail Carb Cap x 1pc

-Dabber Tool x 1pc

-Silicone Jar x 1pc

Color: 16mm