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Maria Ring Spoon Pipe

Original price $45.98 - Original price $59.98
Original price
$45.98 - $59.98
Current price $59.98

With the Maria Ring Spoon Pipe, you as the customer get ultimate customization. Not only do you get to choose the color of the tubing, you also get to select what color you want the accents. The accents are featured on the flat mouthpiece, the carb hole to the left of the bowl, and three raised glass marbles. Half of the flat mouthpiece is the accent color you choose and the other half is the base color. The carb hole has a ring around it with the accent color you prefer. This nifty but simple asset controls the airflow when you smoke. Simply put your finger over it while smoking for less air and take it off for more. The three raised glass marbles are on the opposite side of the carb hole. These three colored glass bumps help you hold on to the Maria Ring Spoon Pipe while you are using it. Two maria rings can be found on the neck of the hand pipe. Perfectly symmetrical, these features are eye-catching and match the base color of your choice. Directly in front of the maria rings is a deep bowl. This deep bowl can hold hefty packs, making your smoking sessions less of a hassle. Nothing ruins the mood of a smoke sesh like having to constantly repack your bowl. This is a great feature to have on a pipe that is so conveniently sized. Measuring at about 4 inches, the Maria Ring Spoon Pipe can fit comfortably in your pocket. The thick glass construction makes sure it does not break when you take it out.