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One hitter/Chillum 3D holder with hemp wick and lighter

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All in one 3D printed MAV chillum holder with a clipper lighter and "bee line hemp wick", everything in the photo is included in this super convenient and easy-to-use apparatus. When enjoying a bowl, our first option is to light the bowl with the lighter but there is a hemp wick that eliminates the inhalation of butane fumes when enjoying a toke of your favorite flower. Just light the hemp wick and put the flame to the flower for the most natural way to enjoy your favorite flavors.

Bundle includes:

  • 3D Printed Holder
  • CX10 MAV Chillum/One hitter 
  • Clipper Lighter 
  • Bees Wax Hemp Wick 

*** colors of this bundle parts will vary !