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Rose Vase Bong

Original price $75.00 - Original price $75.00
Original price
$75.00 - $75.00
Current price $75.00

Hello beautiful! We have wonderful news; Rose in all colors will be back in stock by the end of April 2022. If included in an order we will partially ship available units and the remainder will ship by the end of the month. 

Everything is coming up Roses~

Summer is in full bloom with our newest signature collection piece, Rose. A modern take on vintage Victorian flowers, our elegant Rose blends femininity and functionality for a high-class consumption experience. This timeless porcelain vase is embellished with a gorgeous two-inch relief flower, available in either Pink or Ivory. A rose symbolizes promise, hope and new beginnings. We think our new Rose vase makes a perfect gift for loved ones and friends. Whether you want to make a romantic gesture, congratulate a bride-to-be, encourage a new journey, or just say "Thanks", you will be gifting a Rose that lasts Forever~

Color: Ivory