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10mm Male GRAV® Angled Quartz Banger - 45°

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Elevate your smoking experience with the 10mm Male GRAV® Angled Quartz Banger - 45°. This little piece of heaven for your herbs is like the James Bond of bangers – sleek, stylish, and ready to take your smoking game to the next level.

Crafted with precision by the wizards at GRAV®, this quartz banger is not just a smoking accessory; it's a statement. The 45° angled design adds a touch of sophistication, making you feel like you're about to embark on a smoke-filled adventure.

The 10mm male joint ensures a snug fit with your favorite water pipe, creating a seamless connection that's as smooth as the hits you'll be taking. And let's not forget about the magic of quartz – known for its durability and ability to preserve the flavor of your herbs, this banger is a flavor savant.

Whether you're a seasoned smoker or a greenhorn in the world of bangers, the GRAV® Angled Quartz Banger will have you saying, "Shaken, not stirred" after every hit. So, grab yours today and get ready to add a dash of class to your smoke sesh!