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14mm 45° Quartz Dab Banger

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Step into the world of elevated smoking experiences with the Waxmaid 14mm 45° Quartz Dab Banger! This sleek and stylish accessory is not just a dab banger – it's a game-changer for your smoke sessions.

Crafted from premium quartz, this 14mm banger is designed to take your dabbing adventures to the next level. The 45° angle ensures optimal heat distribution, giving you the perfect temperature for those smooth and flavorful hits.

Say goodbye to ordinary dab sessions and hello to a world of pure satisfaction. The Waxmaid 14mm 45° Quartz Dab Banger is not just a piece of smoking equipment; it's a statement. It's a nod to the connoisseurs who demand excellence in every puff.

Easy to clean and even easier to use, this dab banger is the must-have accessory for any serious smoker. Elevate your smoking game with the Waxmaid 14mm 45° Quartz Dab Banger – because why settle for ordinary when you can experience extraordinary?

How to clean dab banger?
1. Put Waxmaid quartz dab banger into a storage bag.
2. Pour the alcohol of 70% concentration or higher in the storage bag, together with some coarser salt.
3. Shake up the storage bag until the water changed to a dirty brown.