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16 Inch Straight Shooter w/ Iridescent Glass - GORGEOUS!

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Step into the world of smoking sophistication with our 16 Inch Straight Shooter featuring mesmerizing Iridescent Glass! This isn't just a smoking apparatus; it's a statement piece that combines style and functionality in one sleek package.

Crafted with care and precision, this straight shooter stands tall at 16 inches, making it the perfect companion for your smoking sessions. The iridescent glass adds a touch of magic, reflecting a spectrum of colors as you enjoy your favorite herbs.

The straight shooter design ensures a smooth and direct hit, giving you the ultimate smoking experience. It's not just a pipe; it's a work of art that elevates your smoking rituals to a whole new level.

Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or a casual smoker, the 16 Inch Straight Shooter with Iridescent Glass is bound to turn heads and spark conversations. Embrace the fusion of style and functionality – because why settle for ordinary when you can smoke in extraordinary fashion?

Upgrade your smoking arsenal and let the good times roll with this eye-catching, high-quality piece that promises a smoking experience like no other!


  • Height: 16 inches
  • Thickness: 50 *5 mm
  • Solid stable base
  • Includes bowl