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4" - 5" AFM Colored Glass Downstem

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Unleash a Technicolor Symphony in Your Smoke Sesh with Our 4" - 5" AFM Colored Glass Downstem! 🌬️✨

Are you ready to add a splash of vibrant hues to your smoke sessions? Say hello to our AFM Colored Glass Downstem – a pint-sized powerhouse of both style and functionality! Standing tall at 4 to 5 inches, this downstem is the perfect fusion of form and function, taking your smoking experience to a whole new level.

🚀 Functionality at Its Finest: Don't be fooled by its dazzling appearance – our AFM Colored Glass Downstem is a workhorse when it comes to enhancing your smoking experience. The 4 to 5-inch length ensures efficient diffusion, providing smooth and filtered hits that will leave you floating on cloud nine. It's the perfect marriage of style and substance!

🌟 Mix and Match: Express your unique style by mixing and matching this colorful downstem with your favorite bongs or water pipes. Whether you're into classic clear glass or vibrant, eye-catching pieces, our AFM Colored Glass Downstem is the ideal accessory to personalize your smoking arsenal.

🎉 Elevate Your Smoke Game: Ready to turn your smoke sessions into a visual spectacle? Elevate your smoke game with the 4" - 5" AFM Colored Glass Downstem – where style meets functionality in a symphony of colors! Grab yours now and let the good vibes roll! 🌬️🌈


  • 3 to 5" tall
  • 14mm / 18mm option
  • Low profile diffused with 6 diffusion slits
  • Colored downstem
  • AFM colored logo
  • Actual Colors May Vary
Color: Mint