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7" Steamroller

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Welcome to Patientopia, where your smoking experience reaches new heights of delight! Behold our magnificent 7" MAV Glass Steamroller - a smoking masterpiece designed to elevate your sessions to cloud nine and beyond!

Crafted with precision and style, this sleek steamroller boasts a generous 7 inches of smoking pleasure. With its smooth, cylindrical design, it fits perfectly in your hand, making every toke feel like a luxurious journey through the clouds.

But wait, there's more! Our 7" Steamroller isn't just a pretty piece - it's a powerhouse of performance. Made from high-quality materials, it delivers smooth and satisfying hits every time, ensuring your smoking experience is nothing short of exceptional.

So why settle for ordinary when you can experience extraordinary? Visit Patientopia today and treat yourself to the ultimate smoking companion - the 7" Steamroller. Your taste buds will thank you, and your friends will envy you!

Did You Know: The steamroller pipe gets its name from its look resembling exhaust pipes on steamroller locomotives, which share the conical shape of a steamroller pipe bowl.


  • 7 inches long
  • Vibrant color
  • Deep bowl
  • Front carb hole
Color: Black